Welcome to my new website

LibertyTown Arts Patron's Show

LibertyTown Arts Annual Patron’s Show

Welcome to my new website – a work in progress!

When not making pottery in my home studio, I can be found at LibertyTown Arts, Studio 20, in Fredericksburg, VA.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website

  1. I purchased two of your bowls for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas last year. They absolutely love them and have asked me if it would be possible to get a butter bell. If you are willing to make one, I can send you a photo of the bowls so that you could make it to at least match them a bit.

  2. Hello there!

    I would like to order some whale bowls in turquoise color.. what sizes can u make!? Kindly advise.. thank you!!

  3. Christy, you are so talented. So proud you are a member of our family. I would like to purchase the 3 nesting whale bowls in the black or cream color. I could not find pricing or order form.

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